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Recent Projects

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Lauren Accolla found a niche audience when integrating the Catholic faith with psychology and therapy. She created a social media presence with YourFaithfulTherapist and her following quickly grew. To further provide resources for her audience, we filmed an 8-chapter course introducing the viewer to therapy, founding principals of psychology and more.

Glenn Herbert's "Man"

Having shared his acclaimed poem only in person, Glenn Herbert decided it was time to share his spoken word more broadly. We teamed up to create a video powerful enough to carry his words and visually represent the dichotomy of his message. 

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Kindred Church

Kindred Church was a new church and in need of a welcome video that captured and visually aligned with their values and mission: connection, community, sincerity and warmth. 

The welcome video and "What to Expect" video helped create a visual identity and brand for Kindred, helping convey to viewers a sense of belonging, welcomeness and understanding of who Kindred is and what they're about.


We always consider it an honor when chosen to film a couple's wedding; we get to capture the moments and stories that help make their big day so special.

Every wedding is as unique as the couple in it, and we try to emulate that uniqueness into the stories we create. That's why we tailor the format and style of each video to the experience of the day. 

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