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About Us

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Welcome to Weir Media.

Here, we aim to bring the world a little closer though the power the story. How do we do that? Through videos. Videos which tell stories that inspire, educate, empathize, entertain, and make us feel a connection with others. 

Weir Media is run by Ryan Weir, a videographer with 10+ years of experience creating videos for corporations, non-profits, small businesses, individuals and live productions. Based in Colorado but having filmed nationwide and globally, Ryan has captured testimonials, events, educational courses, video podcasts, motorsports, travel experiences, weddings, directed live productions and more. 


Weir Media can take a video from the first conceptual stages, through pre-production, filming, editing and finally publication. Ready to bring your story to the world? Contact us to get started. 

Direct Contact:

Tel: 303.921.0471

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